The counter guy came to measure, today. I’ll write that up in a few days.

Bit of a patchy day Sunday, the 19th, but I did get all nine initial pieces (five doors, 2 drawers, 2 inside shelves) sanded and their handle, hinge hole and magnet or magnet plate screw holes patched.

Got a rippin' blueberry pie a couple weeks ago for my bday.

John wanted to do the sanding, but it was too vibrate-y and loud for him when it came down to it, so I whipped through the sanding using 100 grit and swapping out sandpaper for each piece. A little costly, but the job is much more efficient.

Swapping out sandpaper--not gonna stint--speed counts in this project or we end up at the end of our vacation without a functioning kitchen.

John did help with the patching, and that was fun. I generated sawdust with the belt sander, squeezed in wood glue and we patched away. The two doors that hung near the floor had minor chips along the bottom edge, so I took care of those, too.

That girl does love to swing. You can see how serious she is, here. I'm thinking of building a coal-fired swinging machine so I can sit down occasionally.

A beautiful day got in the way of sanding the patch sites down. First we had lunch in the backyard, always nice, then I went for a ride, then it was time to clean up as we had a little beginning of summer barbeque with the Hevins.

Here are all the pieces patched and drying. I'll try to get to at least sand them so they are primer-ready tomorrow after work.

Mattis and John have been in day care/school together since they were a couple months old, and we have swapped many a back yard party. The Hevins head off to their native France in a few days and Mattis won’t be back until the end of August, so it was great to get the boys together for a last romp.

Peaceful, simple lunch outside. Really. No kidding. Long as they know there is a popsicle to be denied them for misbehavior.

What the heck is a summer day without a popsicle?

Didier and I watched the charcoal and kicked a ball back and forth with Luenne (sp?) and slugged back a Rose they brought and damned if I can remember what we talked about. Kitchens, probably. We did clink glasses to Father’s Day during the literally 25 seconds we weren’t supervising someone.

This is a little side project I’m doing for Halberstadt. The fencing dummy needs a new base, and I remembered I had a couple of 2-inch thick planks in my attic, so volunteered to do the job. Halfway done, here. I just need to router out a square for the steel base, buy and size the bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts, drill the holes, add some lead weight, figure out if I want casters or a skid pad and voila.

Constant motion, conflict and resolution. An overhead video camera would be great to show the dynamic.

Eventually, after a lot of running around, we got sausage, potatoes, a beverage and a chair for everyone. Luenne insisted on sitting with the big kids, and that worked out for a while. No one wanted to say goodbye, but we all worked the next day, so that was that. Not much on the kitchen, but a swell Sunday, nonetheless.

Beautiful evening, tiny breeze, good yakety-yak, Alexandra's dyno potato salad (French recipe, I heard her tell Christel).

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